Shellac Manicures
and Pedicures

Shellac CND Nails
Say Hello to Shellac!!!

Shellac full Manicure with heated mitts and massage for full hydration (1hr 30): £37.50
Shellac full Pedicure with hard skin removal heated boots for total hydration (1hr 45): £40.50
Shellac Treatment: £25.00


A UV-cured colour coat featuring UV3 technology:

  • On like polish
  • Wears like gel
  • Off in minutes

CND (Creative Nail Design) The leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty, introduces the 1st hybrid nail colour after nearly 5 years of development.

Now you can say goodbye to chips, smudges and dry time and say hello to Shellac Hybrid Nail Colour!

This revolutionary product applies like a polish,wears flawlessly for up to 14 days of high gloss shine and is removed in minutes.

Shellac comes in a polish bottle and unlike traditional polish, it cures/dries under a UV lamp. AND there is NO BUFFING.

There is no damage to the natural nail in the process.

Shellac paints on like a polish, is Hypo-allergenic and contains no Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP.

The formula is thin and flexible like traditional polish but it never loses its shine or chips, even during the most rigorous activities!

Shellac is available in 24 different shades.