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For many years waxing and shaving are becoming a thing of the past.

Millions of men and women around the world are now enjoying the benefits of permanent hair reduction. Imagine planning an evening out and not thinking ‘have I shaved my legs?’ or planning a holiday and not needing to make time for that essential waxing appointment?

Following a successful test patch, the hair in the area to be treated will be trimmed prior to each session.

A gel is applied to the skin which helps cool the area. The treatment head is then placed firmly against the skin and the system triggered, this is repeated until the whole site has been fully covered. The sensation has been likened to being tapped with a hairbrush as each hair is individually heated, with minimal heating of the skin.

A soothing gel will be applied after each treatment. The hairs fall out over a period of 1-3 weeks as the follicle heals and closes.

On most areas of the body there is only about 20 – 30% of the potential hair actually growing at any one time. The other 70 – 80% of the follicles are lying dormant under the surface of the skin.

Xenolite intense pulsed light treatments to remove hair will only treat the hair in the growth stage: therefore it is necessary to treat each cycle as it appears. A programme of treatments should be arranged to ensure that each cycle of hair growth is targeted. The number of treatments required will vary depending on the area being targeted and on the clients themselves.

Generally four to six treatments are sufficient to ensure excellent results.

Though everyone is slightly different with regard to their hair growth cycles and therefore no single answer will be right for all clients, generally facial areas need treating every 6 — 8 weeks, whilst body areas e.g. underarms, bikini or legs will only need to repeat sessions on a 3 monthly basis.

Sunbathing should be avoided for 4 weeks prior to treatment and all fake tan should be allowed to fade completely. As the treatment relies on the hairs being in place for success no waxing, plucking or other forms of epilation should be performed for 4 weeks before your appointment.

The hair should be allowed to fall out naturally, but gentle exfoliation can be used to encourage them to shed. Heat treatments and activities which encourage heating of the treated site, i.e. exercising, should not be undertaken for 24 hours after your treatment.

Due to the nature of the hair removal IPL is ideal for clients who would be with dark hair and pale skin. The Xenolite system for hair removal has been designed with a multi-pulsed output to improve the results in a range of skin and hair types.

This works by reducing the heating of the skin whilst maximising the heating of the hair, this allows a greater range of hair and skin colour which can produce good results with minimal side effects.

For most people the only sensation is a transient heating of the individual hairs and has been described as feeling similar to being tapped with a hair brush.

If the client has more colour in the skin then a slight heating of the skin can also be felt. Cooling of the area can be used before and after treatment, and any heating will be short term.